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Founded in 2014, we have been the catalyst behind leading global information providers and events organiser. We aim to build strong relationship with our clients and be a strategic partner in all their data and information initiatives and other business need.

Ideation, Innovation and Monetisation are the key aspects of our service offerings which ensure our clients stay ahead of the competition and adapt to their evolving business dynamics.


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Our Enablers

We are a network of experts working with clients and businesses, to develop and implement innovative solutions to the most complex challenges.

Research services built specifically for B2B industry.

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Our Expertise

Financial Data

Data acquisition for multiple sectors create value for clients information products, enable business decisions or simply track sector performance.

Industry Data

Research intricate sector data with secondary and primary research techniques amplified by contemporary technology.

Directory Data

Data acquisition and verification faciltate new monetisation avenues and reutilisation of data enabling the desired ROI.

Product Data

Acquire mission critical data to enhance online subscription driven products and generate value.

Video Summarisation

Convert your conference videos into meaningful pieces of content to boost customer engagement.

Marketing Database

Develop an accurate prospect database and validate existing data to derive maximum ROI from campaigns.

Data Visualisation

Make data your central currency for marketing and create narratives to deliver complex information.

B2B Sales

Augment your product reach with an efficient team and sell directly with an increased revenue cycle.

News Writing

Write, track and summarise news to deliver business and competitive intelligence.

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