New Product Development

We understand the dynamic challenges an online information business can face while developing a new product. The aim is to develop and enhance information products that can appeal to the evolving customer base and encourage early client engagement. We will offer you the much required support to develop a product within the stipulated time frame and a risk shared model.

Minimising the risk and an iterative development approach further strengthens the engagement model. One of the key aspects of our proposition has been to develop revenue channels through strong gated communities, user generated content and robust industry data.


  • Delayed Market Entry
  • Resource Attrition
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Decreased Market Share
  • Risk of Over Budget
  • Knowledge Erosion


  • Iterative Development Approach
  • Data Research
  • Minimal Risk
  • Multiple Business Models
  • Technology Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance


  • Early Customer Engagement
  • Target Market Adaptability
  • Customer Centric Product
  • Swift Monetisation
  • Flexibility To Innovate
  • Early Conversions


  • Multiple B2B Communities Model
  • User Generated Content
  • New Revenue Streams
  • Open Networking
  • Subscription Based
  • Data Focused Products

Engagement Models

Fixed Price

Time & Material

Dedicated Setup

Risk Sharing