At 3 we offer a complete suite of Customer Data Management services. This entails creation of bespoke, on demand global databases via primary and secondary research techniques while leveraging technology capabilities to ensure a higher ROI for our clients. Creation of "MARKETABLE" data is the core focus across multiple geographies and industry verticals. Every data attribute is customisable based on client needs and business objectives.

Data validation and update is crucial for any marketer to manage the marketing function, generate relevant leads and run a successful marketing campaign. We recognise management of data inflow from disparate sources can be a time consuming job and lead to duplication. Our data validation services are tailored to meet the challenges of data decay.

Data Intelligence - Our value add services focuses on actionable intelligence which is facilitated through data segmentation and interpretation of complex data structure. This allows our clients to make decision based on predictable customer behavior and strong data analysis which ensures the marketing strategy to be formulated based on a scientific approach.

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